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Topic: C3 seat backs with shoulder belt pass through

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C3 seat backs with shoulder belt pass through (1/1)
 9/7/21 12:34pm
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1970 coupe

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Help:  I'm installing new seat foam, new leather seat covers, and correct seat belts in my '70 coupe.  Problem is, the seat frames I have are from a ’74, so the backs don't have shoulder belts pass-through openings.  I can cut out the openings in the frames but I need the guide brackets that are spot welded around those openings in '70-'73 seat frames (circled in red in the photo).  I’m looking for an old or damaged seat back frame(s) with that bracket that I can remove and use as a pattern to fabricate sheet metal replacements.  Alternatively, does anyone know of a Corvette parts vendor that sells those guide brackets?  Thanks!


1970 coupe, 350/300hp, 4-speed, original
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