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Topic: Map Pocket instillation

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Map Pocket instillation (1/3)
 2/9/21 3:50pm
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1977 corvette coupe

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The New Map pocket comes w 2springs included  I imagine I unscrew the rt dash pad to get the sides of the pocket to slide in and secure behind w the springs?

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Re: Map Pocket instillation (2/3)
 2/9/21 7:32pm
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Grapevine, TX - USA

1972 LT-1 convertible with factory air.

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Pretty sure to get the map panel off, you first need to remove the sill plate, then the kickpanel, then the map panel.

Don't forget the 2 screws that go from the black gauge panel into the map panel. 

Hope you have an Assembly manual.


Re: Map Pocket instillation (3/3)
 2/9/21 8:12pm
manchestersharkLifetime Member
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Equinunk, PA - USA

1972 conv, 4-speed, 350, 200hp, numbers match, rally wheels, war bonnett yellow w/white top. good condition, nice driver.

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If yours is the same as mine, there is a light bulb to disconnect also. It comes on when you open the door. It illuminates the floor at ingress. Process is pretty straight forward. You'll need a stubby Philips screwdriver for the door side of the panel, as it's close clearance. 

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