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Topic: Foil backed carpet insulation for 1981 (new)

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Foil backed carpet insulation for 1981 (new) (1/1)
 7/19/20 6:16pm
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When you've had enough of the constant road and engine noises ruining your conversations or interrupting your music, it's time to replace your insulation! Driving your C3 Corvette will be far more pleasant once this 9 piece foil backed sound dampener is installed. Each piece is precision cut for an exact fit to ensure easy installation and optimal results.
Not only does this 3/8" fiberglass reinforced sound dampener cut down unwanted engine and road noise, but it helps provide stable interior temperature control. Installation is easy using a heavy duty spray adhesive.
This set is new in the box from MidAmerica - $50 + shipping

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