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Topic: New ACDelco Small Parts - Free! (Just Pay Postage)

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New ACDelco Small Parts - Free! (Just Pay Postage) (1/1)
 4/23/20 3:52pm
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I have some brand new ACDelco parts (list below, and I can email photos if desired) that I'll be happy to donate to someone who'd like to have them. All but one of these parts will fit 1982 Corvettes - some will also fit 1980 and 1981 Corvettes, as well as some other GM vehicles. I tried (unsuccessfully) to sell them on eBay, so at this point, I'll be happy to gift them to a good home rather than tossing them - I just ask that the recipient pay economy USPS shipping from Southport, NC.


Engine Thermostat, ACDelco P/N 131-87 / GM P/N 12514334

Radiator Cap, ACDelco P/N RC81 / GM P/N 25661994

Five-pin Relay, ACDelco P/N 15-8426 / GM P/N 14100455 (I am not sure of this part's application, but it must fit a number of GM vehicles)

Idle Air Control Motor Gaskets, GM P/N 25530697, two pieces (these will fit Cross Fire Injection throttle bodies, and many other GM vehicles that use the same idle air control motor)

Engine Coolant Temperature Switch, ACDelco P/N D1889 / GM P/N 25036602 (this is for electric cooling fan control. I know it fits 1982 Corvettes, and believe it also fits 1981 models. May also fit some other GM vehicles)

Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch Electrical Connector Pigtail, ACDelco P/N PT179 / GM P/N 12101907 (this will fit most GM vehicle compressor clutch electrical connectors from approximately the late 60s into the 90s, maybe even into the 2000s)

Vehicle Speed/Cruise Control Sensor/Buffer, ACDelco P/N 213-222 / GM P/N 25007278 (this definitely fits 1982 Corvettes, perhaps other model year Corvettes/perhaps other 1980s GM vehicles)

I also have two C3 parts listed on eBay, links below. If the recipient of the parts above (or anyone else reading this) has interest in these, let me know and we'll work out a deal.




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