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Official C3 Vette Registry

Official C3 Vette Registry News and Information
    To keep you up to date on New and Exciting things at the Official C3 Vette Registry!
    Topics: 1010, Replies: 9764
Last Activity: 9/28/20 12:10pm
    by Adam Wartell

Official C3 Vette Registry Support/Issues/Comments
    For discussion of your comments, questions and problems with the Official C3 Vette Registry
    Topics: 580, Replies: 4011
Last Activity: 6/5/18 7:22am
    by Adams' Apple

Member Introductions and Stories
    For welcoming new members and a place to share Your Corvette Story
    Topics: 8720, Replies: 31742
Last Activity: Yesterday 8:15pm
    by TTJR 81

General C3VR Chit-Chat
(Registered Members Only - Sign Up or Login)
    For discussion of anything C3VR related that is not a support issue and does not fit into any other forum category.
(For Standard, Gold & Lifetime Members Only)
    Topics: 2365, Replies: 26874
Last Activity: 8/29/20 11:43am
    by Adam Wartell

C3VR Supporting Vendor News and Specials
(Registered Members Only - Sign Up or Login)
    For listing and discussion of news and specials for C3VR Supporting Vendors only
    Topics: 64, Replies: 334
Last Activity: 9/7/20 10:08am
    by Adam Wartell

C3 Vettes

C3 General Discussion
    For general discussion about C3 Corvettes
    Topics: 3100, Replies: 27330
Last Activity: Today 1:06pm
    by TTJR 81

C3 Engines
    For discussion of Engine issues related to C3 Corvettes
    Topics: 2318, Replies: 17292
Last Activity: 9/9/20 2:31am
    by 73shark

C3 Electrical
    For discussion of Electrical issues related to C3 Corvettes
    Topics: 1858, Replies: 11629
Last Activity: Yesterday 1:44am
    by 73shark

C3 Body
    For discussion of Body issues related to C3 Corvettes
    Topics: 1783, Replies: 11805
Last Activity: 8/30/20 9:38pm
    by Adams' Apple

C3 Interior
    For discussion of Interior issues related to C3 Corvettes
    Topics: 1276, Replies: 7555
Last Activity: 7/22/20 2:24pm
    by Reds82CE

C3 Driveline Components
    For discussion of Transmission/Clutch/Rear Axle issues
    Topics: 1033, Replies: 7045
Last Activity: 8/21/20 11:52pm
    by Plasticfreak

C3 Cooling and Heating Systems
    For discussion of Air Conditioning/Heater/Radiator issues
    Topics: 754, Replies: 5405
Last Activity: 2/10/20 10:58am
    by BillHanna

C3 Fuel, Emission Control, and Exhaust Systems
    For discussion of related issues
    Topics: 1145, Replies: 8048
Last Activity: 7/19/20 10:27am
    by Adams' Apple

C3 Handling Components
    For discussion of Brake/Steering/Suspension issues
    Topics: 1660, Replies: 11544
Last Activity: 9/19/20 3:37pm
    by Bluesting 70

C3 Car Care
    For discussion of Car Care issues related to C3 Corvettes
    Topics: 206, Replies: 1843
Last Activity: 2/20/17 8:52pm
    by DaveM

C3 For Sale/Wanted (cars only)
    For discussion of C3s for Sale or Wanted
    Topics: 245, Replies: 1999
Last Activity: 5/17/20 1:23pm
    by Zvllness.

C3 Parts For Sale/Wanted
    For discussion of C3 Parts for Sale or Wanted
    Topics: 487, Replies: 1328
Last Activity: 9/24/20 9:51am
    by manchestershark

C3 For Sale/Wanted Archive
(Registered Members Only - Sign Up or Login)
    (Archive) This is a read-only forum that contains threads about C3 Vettes and C3 Parts that have been sold/found.
    Topics: 1009, Replies: 3383
Last Activity: 2/3/12 8:30pm
    by tb2k82ce

C3 Q&A with Dave McLellan
(Registered Members Only - Sign Up or Login)
    Ask the Chief Corvette Engineer (starting in 1975) questions about the C3. You can also visit his website!
    Topics: 16, Replies: 85
Last Activity: 9/29/15 10:20pm
    by lukesvette

Vettes in General

Special Edition Vettes
    For discussion of special edition Vettes (1978 Pace Car, 1982 Collectors Edition, Mako Shark, etc)
    Topics: 161, Replies: 1070
Last Activity: 8/11/20 3:45pm
    by Reds82CE

All Vettes Discussion
    For discussion of all Vettes, C1-Cx
    Topics: 674, Replies: 5453
Last Activity: 10/29/19 7:29am
    by vettejack

National Corvette Museum
    For discussion of NCM events and information
    Topics: 846, Replies: 358
Last Activity: 8/22/17 10:14pm
    by Norsky

Vette Women
    A discussion area for Women Vette Owners
    Topics: 65, Replies: 793
Last Activity: 5/8/19 9:43pm
    by Adams' Apple

All Vettes (Non-C3s) For Sale/Wanted
    For listing of C1, C2, C4 & C5 Vettes and Vette Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Topics: 62, Replies: 375
Last Activity: 3/28/17 12:50pm
    by kool72

Vette Events

Annual C3VR Member Gathering
    Discussion of all things related to the annual Official C3VR Member Gathering
    Topics: 767, Replies: 14290
Last Activity: 8/22/20 11:17pm
    by BillHanna

Mid Atlantic Region Events
    For Events in DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA
    Topics: 38, Replies: 475
Last Activity: 4/6/20 10:29am
    by Adam Wartell

North East Region Events
    For Events in CT, ME, NH, RI, VT, MA
    Topics: 364, Replies: 4182
Last Activity: 6/1/16 4:17pm
    by danascar

South West Region Events
    For Events in AZ, CA, CO, HI, NM, NV, UT
    Topics: 64, Replies: 249
Last Activity: 6/12/17 8:36pm
    by johnu

North West Region Events
    For Events in AK, ID, MT, OR, WA,WY
    Topics: 236, Replies: 1826
Last Activity: 9/8/20 4:01pm
    by Adam Wartell

South Region Events
    For Events in AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV
    Topics: 12, Replies: 19
Last Activity: 8/3/15 8:43am
    by Corvette Chevy Expo

Mid West Region Events
    For Events in IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI
    Topics: 154, Replies: 1631
Last Activity: 8/21/15 12:08pm
    by chuckfenwick

National U.S. & International Events
    For National U.S. and International Events
    Topics: 67, Replies: 283
Last Activity: 12/20/11 8:04pm
    by manget1

C3VR at Corvettes at Carlisle
    For discussion of C3VR Activities during Corvettes at Carlisle
    Topics: 90, Replies: 1362
Last Activity: 8/28/20 4:41pm
    by Adam Wartell

C3VR at MidAmerica Motorworks Funfest
    For information and discussion about the event
    Topics: 78, Replies: 970
Last Activity: 2/28/20 11:22am
    by Adam Wartell

NCM National Corvette Caravan
    Discussion of all NCM National Corvette Caravans
    Topics: 30, Replies: 402
Last Activity: 9/8/14 1:10pm
    by dads2vette

Non-Vette Related

Non-Vette Automotive Discussion
    For discussion of anything automotive, but not Vette related.
    Topics: 60, Replies: 392
Last Activity: 5/3/19 7:14am
    by Adams' Apple

General Non-Vette Discussion
    For discussion of anything Non-Vette
    Topics: 635, Replies: 4687
Last Activity: 5/9/19 11:21pm
    by Norsky

Non-Vette For Sale/Wanted
    For Sale/Wanted notices for Non-Vette related items. (Items that could be perceived as offensive NOT allowed)
    Topics: 69, Replies: 196
Last Activity: 4/23/18 7:19pm
    by JPD1stVette

(Registered Members Only - Sign Up or Login)
    For humorous things (PG-13: non-offensive only).
    Topics: 3424, Replies: 16917
Last Activity: 10/4/19 12:40pm
    by kstyer

Off-Topic (no Humor posts)
(Registered Members Only - Sign Up or Login)
    For non-automotive things (PG-13: non-offensive only).
    Topics: 494, Replies: 1327
Last Activity: 11/3/15 7:39pm
    by dads2vette

Anything Goes
(Registered Members Only - Sign Up or Login)
    For anything non-vette. (R rated, but no nudity).
    Topics: 1715, Replies: 3206
Last Activity: 11/9/15 10:39am
    by corvette440hp