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Topic: Passwords You Can Remember

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Passwords You Can Remember (1/1)
 3/1/14 5:50pm
tb2k82ceLifetime Member
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1982 C3 Collectors Edition 44000 miles, sat in the sun most of it's life, My wife purchased it for me for fathers day in 2007 from her girl friend that had it for 19 years. It is on the road again. I'm retired but it is now my daily driver.

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How do you keep all of your passwords safe and still remember them? An ex-hacker provided this advice that I thought would be useful to all of us.  Never use any word that is in the dictionary, never use personal names (pets or human) have numbers and special characters in them and lastly must be at least 8 characters long 12 is much better.  The most important thing is remember it.

Ok I have issues remembering how old I am.

Tip think of a sentence that you use all of the time or can remember for example:

The Only True Color For A Vett Is Red.  Pass word would be "t0tcf@v1R".  

I use the first letter of each word and replace "o" with the number "0" and "i" or "L" with the number "1".  Replace "a" or "e" with @.  

Even with a hacking program that replaces numbers with the letters they look like. They do make those hacker programs by the way.  You can download them from the web if you know where to look.  No I do not know where to look but I know people that do and it is scary. 

You now you have a password that will take a great hacker with a really fast computer over 100 years to crack.  

If it is something you think of or use all of the time you will never forget it.  My sentence is 17 characters long no way I could remember it if it was not a sentence I used constantly on one of my jobs.



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