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Topic: Greetings from Kern County, CA (1981 C3 Resto and LT/4L60e Swap)

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Greetings from Kern County, CA (1981 C3 Resto and LT/4L60e Swap) (1/2)
 8/4/22 12:38pm
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1979 Coupe T-Top

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How's it going all. I'm an old school shade tree mechanic. A passion for cars and...well...more of a passion for working on them. Wrenching is my life. About a year ago I rescued a carcass of a car which barely resembled a 1979 C3 corvette ($300, yup). To me, it was a hidden gem that needed some polishing. Ok, a lot of polishing. But hey, I have the time and tools so WTH. I started with documentation, Service Manual, Assembly Manual and a few wiring diagrams. I also stumbled across another parts car 1981 C3 ($800, yup 3 hours away so U Haul for the win). I settled on using the 1981 as the main car and have been using the 79 to complete the build.

I got a killer deal on an 1996 LT1 engine and 4L60e transmission, so yeah, jumped on it. I've helped with several Engine Swaps and the Gen2 LT platform never scared me. Optispark is more than manageable (well in my My opinion it is). Other things to-do - um...almost everything. Jeep steering Box upgrade, Mounting Plates being fabricated as I type and Front clip removed so, will need t figure that one out as well.

Looking forward to getting her up and running. Lot's of work to do but I am enjoying it. Summer slows me down as it is HOT, LIKE SUPER HOT in Kern County during the summer and no available Garage at this time. Guess that's long enough of an intro (sorry, talking cars is exciting). Looking forward, as well, to your threads and picking your brains. Have a great one

Started this YouTube channel on the build: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxp...R0VUaHD0y9NtUQ

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Re: Greetings from Kern County, CA (1981 C3 Resto and LT/4L60e Swap) (2/2)
 8/4/22 11:49pm
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

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You have quite an adventure ahead of you  -  GOOD LUCK...!!!

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Jim Olson 

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