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My Story (1/3)
 9/1/21 7:33am
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Milford, PA - USA

1973 Silver T-Top

Joined: 8/27/2021
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I have been involved with Corvettes since early 1976, when I bought my first one, a Brands Hatch green 1971 LS5 coupe, 4 speed, factory air, power steering and radio. I paid $5,300 for it with 48,000 miles. It was a no hit car with perfect interior. The original paint was not great. I had it repainted in 1977 with RM lacquer for $700. Have prices changed. The new finish was perfect and my car won a first place trophy at a show in Parsippany, NJ.

Life took over and I sold the car for about $6,500 in 1978, to pay for my education at Penn State. I had a variety of cars over the years, two GTOs, a 1988 Monte Carlo SS, a 1977 Grand Prix SJ, and numerous daily drivers, but always longed for another Corvette. Once you own one and drive it, you're hooked.

I worked as an editor at Hemmings Motor News from 2004 to 2008, and left for several reasons.

In 2014, the search began for another Corvette. I always wanted, and still do, a 67 Corvette with a 327 350 hp engine and a few options. No N14, as my 71 had chrome Hooker sidemounts and the noise, well, it was fun when I was 20, but now I am 65, and I am not listening to that nonsense.

I found a 78 Silver Anniversary with every option, including L82 and four speed with Mahogany leather in Lancaster, Pa. The car was Bloomington Gold quality. I made a cash offer. The consignment dealer refused it. I left. I was driving home to Levittown, Pa. He called me and said I could have the car for my offer. I said you should have taken it.

I drove about six other cars. Most were priced too high, or just had numerous issues and drove like garbage.

Undaunted, I continued my search, I really wanted a 73 coupe with a 4 speed. I drove them when they were only a few years old at the Chevy dealer, where I worked from 1976 to 1977.

I found a silver coupe on Craigslist in Bloomfield, NJ. I called the owner, Sal, and set up a day to see the car. It was in a very dry garage behind his home. He wanted $12,500. After my inspection, I said $10,000. He declined. We agreed on $10,400. The car has had one repaint in original 914 Silver. My car has 415 medium saddle vinyl. I retrieved the tank sticker in 2017, when I replaced the fuel tank. My car was a customer order from Hawthorne Chevrolet in Hawthorne, NJ. The dealer is still in business today.

I towed the car home as it had not been driven for years. In fact, it had only 5,000 miles added from 1988 to 2015. My friend and I rebuilt the entire front and rear suspension, including the always problematic rear wheel bearings and E brake.

The car has never been hit and has a perfect birdcage and frame. I keep it in my climate controlled garage on two inches of carpet. My wife and I enjoy it as much as possible, but it never goes out in the rain. I am retired now, but run a auto detailing business, which I have done for 40 years plus, as a side job. Of course, my Corvette is waxed to the max and never washed with a hose, as to let water run down into the windshield area. Anyone who knows Corvettes, knows water is the death of these cars. I look forward to being a C3 Registry member and if anyone has any detailing questions, contact me. I have clients with a 67 435 original N14 car, a Rolls Royce, a Ferrari, a 2019 ZR1, a 1957 Chevy and other high end cars. I will be glad to help you.


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Re: My Story (2/3)
 9/2/21 4:50pm
NorskyLifetime Member
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

SOLD - "The Toy" - 1970 Convertible
SOLD - "The Beast" - 1990 ZR-1 (#682)
"BLKBRRD" - 1978 Trans Am, 400ci/225hp, 4 spd, Black w/black interior, Hurst t-tops

Joined: 1/23/2002
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Welcome aboard...!!!

Sounds like you found a keeper.  '73s don't often get much respect but they're a unique car because of the transition from the "chromie" years.  ENJOY...!!!


Jim Olson 

"The Toys"...!!!  Save the Wave!

Where I've been in a Corvette...!!!

Re: My Story (3/3)
 9/2/21 5:05pm
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Grapevine, TX - USA

1972 LT-1 convertible with factory air.

Joined: 8/26/2006
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It was Zora's favorite C3 year.


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