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Topic: heater hose vacuum shut off

in Forum: C3 Cooling and Heating Systems

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heater hose vacuum shut off (1/3)
 4/14/19 11:15am
bcliffGold Member
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I've noticed a bit more heat lately in the cockput and checked the heater hose shut off valve (new) and doesnt seem to be getting any vacuum on any setting on the heater/ac controls. Any suggestions on where to look first or what is usually the culprit with this problem. Thanks!


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Re: heater hose vacuum shut off (2/3)
 4/14/19 12:32pm
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Assuming all of the other HVAC vacuum operated functions work normally, I would start at the control module and treat it like an electrical problem and see where you're losing the vacuum for the heater control valve.


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Re: heater hose vacuum shut off (3/3)
 4/15/19 1:10pm
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 Tom, do the doors on the system move when you change from Defrost to A/C to heat?(Air blows out where you want it to?) If not, first thing to check is vacuum AT the control switch from the engine. If all of the doors are operating properly, and you're just not getting a vac signal at the hot water shut-off valve, then you would need to trace the vacuum line from the switch to the valve. While you're at it, make SURE that when you turn the wheel to "Heat" or "Cold", that the vacuum AT the switch for the valve is working. Many times this problem is due to the switch itself drying out, and not directing vacuum to where it should. hth

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