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Topic: Taillights - Early/Late?

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Taillights - Early/Late? (1/2)
 5/10/21 3:24pm
SportivoGold Member
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San Pedro, CA - USA

1971, LT-1, T-top, 4-speed (M21), Mulsanne Blue, 3.70 rear, mostly original (sidepipes). 2006, Daytona Sunset Orange Coupe.

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When I first purchased my 71 LT1, I didn't notice that it had two different taillight lenses; one pointed and one rounded.

I learned that "early" 71 Vettes had the pointed lenses (as in 1970), and "late" 71s were rounded.

My question is, what serial number Vette was the last if the "early" version? I'm not sure which lense is correct for my Vette.


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Re: Taillights - Early/Late? (2/2)
 5/11/21 2:00am
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Overland Park, KS - USA

1973 Orange Metallic Coupe (orig owner), L82, 4 spd (WR), PS, (A/C & PW (I installed from wrecked 73)), leather, AM/FM Stereo, ran with '65 FI unit earlier & will again some day.

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You might try checking with the NCRS.


1973 L-82 4 spd

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