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Topic: 79 L82 86 smog stuff

in Forum: C3 Fuel, Emission Control, and Exhaust Systems

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79 L82 86 smog stuff (1/2)
 1/11/22 1:19pm
rws999Gold Member
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1979 L82 T-top

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Does anyone have links to instructions on total removal of my smog stuff on my 79 L82?  Would like to have some pictures to explain the verbiage, so I don't screw it up!

Mine is mostly original, so everything should still be in the original spots.   Want to go through all the procedures prior to starting to make sure i have everything ready and have enough knowledge to perform the work.

ideas welcome.  

First one was to take pictures of everything to start, then step by step pics, to make sure I don't take something off, or cut something I shouldn't.  


thanks in advance for the help and links.

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Re: 79 L82 86 smog stuff (2/2)
 1/11/22 1:43pm
Adam WartellLifetime Member
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Eagleville, PA - USA

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Here are a couple threads from C3VR that may help you:


Smog Pump 


-Adam Wartell
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