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Topic: October Mid-West Slide Show

in Forum: Mid West Region Events

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October Mid-West Slide Show (8/18)
 11/1/10 3:56pm
VetteCountryLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Belvidere, IL - USA

1977 Black T-Top ZZ4 5Sp 16in Wheels

Joined: 10/24/2004
Posts: 438

THANKS! Marshall that was great.
October Mid-West Slide Show (9/18)
 11/1/10 7:46pm
Former Member

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Victor, NY - USA

2004 Commemorative Edition Coupe, Auto w/HUD. 13K miles in 2015. Sold 1982 Red Coupe

Joined: 7/12/2004
Posts: 6841

You folks had a great weekend. Lots of sunshine. Beautiful colors. Very scenic. Winding roads. Good food. Tons of ice cream. Loads of laughs. Fantastic pictures. I need to go back and read the long captions.
Wish I could have been there.
Thanks Marshall for giving me regrets. Cry
I hope I can make the next one.
See you all in Effingham in May, 2011. 

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October Mid-West Slide Show (10/18)
 11/2/10 12:28pm
TargaBlue72Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Lodi, WI - USA

1972 Targa Blue, T-Top, Saddle leather, 350 auto,numbers match, all original except '69 factory side exhaust. Previously owned: 1969 427, 390hp, 4sp, Riverside Gold coupe, factory side exhaust

Joined: 9/25/2007
Posts: 340

Hey Marshall,
Thanks for posting the slide show!!Thumbs Up  Looks like you had a great time at several kool
destinations.  Great looking Vettes and great looking people.Wink  I hope to join you on a
future outing.

click on either image for larger view
October Mid-West Slide Show (11/18)
 11/9/10 8:00am
Former Member

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Brownstown, IN - USA

1969 Red Convertible

Joined: 10/3/2007
Posts: 24

Thanks for the great memorys of a wonderfull weekend. Linda and I hope to see the whole gang again soon.

trips in the 69
October Mid-West Slide Show (12/18)
 11/9/10 1:52pm
Former Member

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Elkhart, IN - USA

1975 Red T-Top 1972 Red Convertible

Joined: 10/7/2007
Posts: 209

It was nice to meet you and Linda. We hope you had a great time. Now you won't be the newbees. Hope you can make it in May.
The Herr's
October Mid-West Slide Show (13/18)
 11/10/10 12:10pm
Former Member

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greer, SC - USA

C(6-5+2)VR - 1964 convertible 327/365 & 2003 convertible - 50th Anniversary Edition & 2010 3LT Coupe

Joined: 10/15/2007
Posts: 746

Dean & Tom - it was a pleasure to meet you & your wives (the speed governors perhaps ?!?) and it was a great weekend.
Tom - the 69 is BEAST. Dean - your's is BEAST also. 
October Mid-West Slide Show (14/18)
 11/10/10 5:25pm
Limited Member
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Oak Creek, WI - USA

1981 Great White Shark. Red Interior, 350/190 hp. PS, PB (SS), A/C CC, T-Tops. Served three years in Active Duty Army, then Retired Air Force after 34 years! Badger State Vettes Car Club. 175,000 Original miles!! Now own a 1998 C-5!

Joined: 5/21/2008
Posts: 1962

Great Slideshow Marshall!!  You do good work!!  Hope to see yo in Effingham!!



(click to see a larger image)


October Mid-West Slide Show (15/18)
 11/21/10 2:30pm
Former Member

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1982 Charcoal T-Top Charcoal int. ,1977 LIGHT BLUE T-TOP DARK BLUE INT.

Joined: 9/25/2007
Posts: 128

 Thanks for sharing your show with Us . I sure remember those curves . Cann't wait to see you guys again !
October Mid-West Slide Show (16/18)
 1/7/11 8:41pm
VETTENUTLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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1974 Stingray and 2004 Six-speed Convertible

Joined: 1/27/2003
Posts: 62

Great photos! Really regret that we could not make the Vevay/Madison meeting. The burgers at Hinkle's are legendary or perhaps, more accurately, infamous. Much like White Castle only a little more grease! The tourism building was the old Sinclair station along Main Street. I grew up in Hanover, about 7 miles west of Madison. Not sure if you got out to Hanover College campus. Great view of the Ohio from there. Hopefully, if you get down there again we can join in.

October Mid-West Slide Show (17/18)
 1/8/11 4:11pm
kstyerLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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1975 C3 Red, T-Tops, Black Interior. All I need is time and money! Getting there!

Joined: 12/2/2003
Posts: 6424

What a great show!  Thanks.
October Mid-West Slide Show (18/18)
 1/9/11 10:32am
lukesvetteLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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1979, Targa Blue (72 Color), Pace Car rear spoiler, L88 hood, Dark blue factory interior, 525HP 406, HD 700R4, 370 gears,Steeroids, composite rear spring, TT IIs wrapped in T/A Radials.

Joined: 5/18/2004
Posts: 6812

Looks like it was an awesome weekend!! Great shots Marshall!! I love the sharks!!Wink With tires and without!!!
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