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Topic: Vevay October Cruise In Pics......

in Forum: Mid West Region Events

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Vevay October Cruise In Pics...... (1/6)
 10/10/10 9:07pm
tuxblacrayLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Greensburg, IN - USA

Previous: 1984 Silver / Charcoal Coupe, 1988 Maroon Coupe / 1989 Artic White Coupe / 2001 Speedway White Roadster / Present:1976 Stingray Black / Black, Auto, 350 slightly modified (355 hp) Luxor Wires Redline Tires. / 1989 Roadster Bright Red...

Joined: 9/24/2003
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The Midwest Gang got together for an extra good time. Captain Butch and 1st Mate Jani did an outstanding job and we all appreciated their hard work!!!

Here are few pics from a gorgeous Midwest Weekend......



Tuxblacray: She's Back In Black! Check out my pics @ My Link

(Click on image to see a bigger version)

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Vevay October Cruise In Pics...... (2/6)
 10/10/10 9:21pm
my7t1Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Dorr, MI - USA

71 Colonnade Hardtop Coupe Torch Red with black interior originally L48 built to push around 360hp

Joined: 8/21/2002
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Thanks for the pics tux. Great to see shots of all my friends. Buy VERY sad we missed it.


Click on images for Before and After pics!
Vevay October Cruise In Pics...... (3/6)
 10/11/10 9:50am
manget1Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Indianapolis, IN - USA

Silver 1974 Convertible - L82 4 speed Low miles (was only 8,900 when I bought it in March 2006) - Now 54K miles. Original owner bought it as an investment for son's college expenses. 2008 Jetstream Blue Convertible

Joined: 9/3/2006
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Thanks for sharin bro.  Those pix of me under my dash didn't look as bad as they felt!
Haven't downloaded my pix yet but hope to today.


I wanted a Corvette my whole life, but I never dreamed of all the wonderful people I would meet because of it!

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target=_blank>Click for another pic!���� And yet another!
Vevay October Cruise In Pics...... (4/6)
 10/11/10 10:39am
Former Member

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greer, SC - USA

C(6-5+2)VR - 1964 convertible 327/365 & 2003 convertible - 50th Anniversary Edition & 2010 3LT Coupe

Joined: 10/15/2007
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Marshall & I are linked up on Facebook. That's where my pictures are.
I had a GREAT weekend and I apologize for skipping out on Sunday while everyone was sleeping without a proper goodbye. The weekend was fabulous and the friendships are even better. I will plan to be at the next one (with Judith this time !). Of course, I never had to hear "SLOW DOWN" the entire weekend .... LOL
Vevay October Cruise In Pics...... (5/6)
 10/11/10 12:31pm
Limited Member
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Oak Creek, WI - USA

1981 Great White Shark. Red Interior, 350/190hp. PS, PB (SS), A/C CC, T-Tops, Going to remain as Stock as possible. Served three years in Active Duty Army, then Retired Air Force after 34 years! Badger State Vetts Car Club. 175,000 Original miles!!

Joined: 5/21/2008
Posts: 1958

Nice pictures Larry.  You all play nice while I am in the Hospital.  Get back to ya in a couple of weeks.


(click to see a larger image)
Vevay October Cruise In Pics...... (6/6)
 10/11/10 2:33pm
Former Member

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Middletown, OH - USA

1982 2-tone blue,383 NO crossfire 1987 black (work in-progress)

Joined: 11/14/2002
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Great pictures...thanks for taking and sharing them!  Butch and Jani...THANKS for a great weekend; the effort is surely appreciated.  I hope everyone made it home OK and really good to see everyone (as always).
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