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Topic: Bloomington Gold Moves Locations

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Bloomington Gold Moves Locations (1/1)
 12/20/11 8:04pm
manget1Lifetime Member
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I got an early Christmas present today!  I've been to Carlisle, I've been to Funfest, but I've never been to Bloomington Gold.  Multiple reasons, but one was just logistics - no good way to get there, not sure where to stay, etc.
Today, my Corvette news search on Google news brought up this story:
So why am I excited?  As I told my wife, we already have our room booked for the 2013 show.  You see, the newspaper reporting the story is my home town newspaper (I even used to deliver it!).  The Assembly Hall noted in the story is where I graduated twice - once from High School and once from College.  I was literally born just a few miles up the street from the location.  And my dad still lives there (in Urbana, the town who's city limit is just a few hundred yards from the show location).  It will be perfectly convenient to stay there.
Plus, I would like to note to a few certain people, there is a VERY good frozen custard place within walking distance of the location they've identified for the show.
I can't say how prepared Champaign is to host the event, but I'm very excited it will be there.
Only 554 days to go.  Are we there yet?
Oh, and I got an e-mail from Bloomington Gold today too.  Their site has more details.  Here's a link:

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