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Topic: Buyer Beware

in Forum: National U.S. & International Events

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Buyer Beware (1/4)
 2/9/05 4:09pm
Big Fish
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Seems as though a 67 427/435 coupe sold at Barret-Jackson was not quite what most people thought it was. It sold for over $160,000.00! This is a copy of Geoffrey Coenen's (Dr. Rebuild) Corvette Forum post reporting on the interesting findings of this car.


When I wrote how some maximize their auction potential in a Corvette with and without NCRS, I had no idea it would be demonstrated so clearly and so soon. http://www.ncrs.org/forum/tech.cgi/read/162644

After just a few days, my old friend Loren Lundberg would alert us to these 2 different descriptions of 1967 VIN 802 on the National Camel Rider Society tech board. Some old herders, keep a data base of these things. (I also must thank Loren for confirming my 68 was an L89 when he saw her in AZ decades before she was a fashionable old girl in a Yellow dress.)

Whoose yaa Daddy? VIN 802 from Nov-Dec 2003

Whoose yaa Daddy? VIN 802 from Nov 2004-Jan 2005

Geoffrey Coenen

PS Caveat Emptor
End of Quote
Perhaps the buyer knew what he was buying, a numbers matching replica of sorts? My suggestion to anyone buying a seemingly rare car for big bucks, do your homework first. Not a bad deal for this seller. Buy a car for $23,000. Spend whatever it takes to find a numbers matching 427 and fix it up with new parts (maybe $50,000 tops?) Sell it for $163,000 and pocket nearly $100,000.
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Buyer Beware (2/4)
 2/9/05 9:48pm
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Frederick, MD - USA

1969 convertible L71 427/435 4-speed black interior

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I saw where a '68 427/435 Vette convertible sold at Barrett-Jackson for something like $76K. If someone offered me $76K for my '69 numbers matching 427/435 convertible they would own a car!

I wonder how many of those who shell out such big bucks at the B-J auction have second thoughts later.
Buyer Beware (3/4)
 2/9/05 10:39pm
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1968 L-71 convertible

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'm not sure I understand the greed of some people. Mine is an original 435 car. It had a totally wrong engine when I bought it ($7600 in 1989) I do have a tank sticker, put a correct 427 engine in and absolutely refuse to restamp the block. It's an accurate restoration, not a counterfeit. Big difference.If I ever sell the car, it will bring good money and I will sleep at night!

Buyer Beware (4/4)
 2/9/05 11:07pm
Adams' AppleLifetime Member
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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All too easy to scam people , today. There are more "Real" L-88 Corvettes out there now than GM ever produced. "There's a sucker born evey minute" I agree that it's OK to put a car back the way it was, as far as BB/SmBlk, but to take a smallblock car and install a bigblock, AND change all the #'s to make it seem legit, thas jest wrong!(IF it's being sold as 'factory original') Anyone buying a high-dollar item like that has to make sure it's what they want, and that they're OK to spend the $$$ on it. (My 2c) I can only dream of the day my car will be worth what I have in it now!!


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