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'64 El Camino (1/3)
 2/1/09 3:03am
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North Hills, CA - USA

1972 T-Top

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I'm putting together my '64 El Camino with all vintage parts.....73 Camaro 350 (although I may pull the '62 327 out of the Vette), '69 Camaro seats, Old school Ansen slots, '65 Buick Skylark door panels (they actually fit correctly), 600 Holley I bought in high school in 1975, an original Superior Indy 500 3 spoke steering wheel  ($10.00 on ebay) and I just got 2 doors off ebay for $200.00.....Total investment so far including buying the car ($275.00 in 1988)...$1200.00. I drove this car everyday from 1988 until 1995...My daughter and son both drove it through high school ( I have heard the donuts behind the movie theater stories). It has now been sitting for almost 10 years so I thought it was time to have some fun with it....And the thing starts right up every time....
  Anyone have a passenger side quarter panel?  Gots the rots!
                                           Reid    '72 T-top


    Reid    '72 T-top



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'64 El Camino (2/3)
 2/1/09 11:27am
corvette440hpLifetime Member
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Reid, very cool.........good luck with your project. Keep us informed...Thumbs%20Up

'64 El Camino (3/3)
 2/1/09 10:09pm
kstyerLifetime Member
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1975 C3 Red, T-Tops, Black Interior. All I need is time and money! Getting there!

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What?  No pictures?  Ouch
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