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Topic: Kwiklift for sale

in Forum: Non-Vette For Sale/Wanted

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Kwiklift for sale (1/2)
 9/29/13 6:55pm
OH6ALifetime Member
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Cadiz, KY - USA

74 Convertible

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Black Kwiklift in western Kentucky with all accessories for sale.  It is not new as the company went out of business for a while and now they are back.  It has never been set up and used outside.  It has no rust.  $1,299 new; asking $800.  Will deliver up to 500 miles for expenses.  All the pieces will fit in a short bed pickup and none need two people to lift.  See the details at kwik-lift.com.

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Re: Kwiklift for sale (2/2)
 9/30/13 1:24pm
eldredjamesLifetime Member
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Temple City, CA - USA

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I sent you a PM.
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