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Topic: Mount St Helens Cruise 6/29/14

in Forum: North West Region Events

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Mount St Helens Cruise 6/29/14 (1/1)
 6/27/14 3:41pm
cilrahLifetime Member
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Port Orchard, WA - USA

1978 Indy Pace Car 4851 of 6502, Auto, L-48

Joined: 6/20/2005
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Anyone up for a cruise to Mt Saint Helens this Sunday? This would be weather permitting, it's a mixed batch of cars and I don't want to be the only corvette. The guy planning the cruise is my neighbor driving a 1965 Cobra GT of course no top so if it's planning on raining it's off. I don't have full details and will post more, if you PM me or email I'll get the details to you. Pray for sunshine.



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