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Topic: Focus on C3VR research tools

Focus on C3VR research tools (1/1)
 12/10/19 10:48pm
Adam WartellLifetime Member
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Search the C3 Registry Database

One of the reasons for creating C3VR was to allow members to see other C3 Corvettes that were out there and how they were configured, painted, modified, etc. Using our C3 Registry Database, you can search through to find the type of information you'd like to see. You'll be presented with a list of C3s that match your criteria and you can read the info about them and see pictures (if the member provided them).  If your C3 is not already in the database, make sure you add it so others can see info about yours.  (Remember, we have privacy settings so you can show as much or as little personal info about you and your C3 as you like.)

Find or Recommend a great Corvette Mechanic

During the winter is often a time used to get work done on your Corvette. Use our Corvette Mechanic Directory to find a great mechanic near you that was recommended by fellow members.  Is your favorite mechanic not listed? Make sure to add it so others can benefit from their expertise.


2020 Member Gathering Update

The results of the voting are in!  The 2020 Member Gathering will take place May 14-17, 2020 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Exact location and agenda is TBD. Stay tuned for more info!

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