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Topic: 1982 CE rear hatch hinges

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1982 CE rear hatch hinges (1/2)
 1/24/17 9:13pm
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Tuttle, OK - USA

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In the last step of getting my CE back to orginal condition, but hit a wall in the process. The hinges have been strech over time and need to be replace, but have been unable to locate any that will work. Is there anyway to press the hinges without damaging them?
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Re: 1982 CE rear hatch hinges (2/2)
 2/2/17 11:11pm
NorskyLifetime Member
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

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A while back Pete (PJK82CE) found a place to get replacement hinges for his 82CE.  Drop an e-mail to him to see if he still has that contact info.               


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