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Topic: registered 78 Pace car owners active in

in Forum: Special Edition Vettes

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registered 78 Pace car owners active in (1/1)
 9/13/04 8:24pm
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Syracuse, NY - USA


Joined: 8/1/2003
Posts: 693

current active 78 Pace Car Members here in cv3r

1.ALPace Car 1Z8748S904366 1978 T-Top 350 220 3-Speed Auto 7,350 Pleasant Grove, AL

2.ChipBach 1Z87L8S905748 1978 T-Top 350 185 4-Speed Auto 7,400 Cincinnati, OH

3.jpkemp 1Z87L8S904803 1978 T-Top 350 185 3-Speed Auto 3,185 New Jersey

4.MiG-19 1Z87L8S901095 1978 T-Top 350 4-Speed Auto 67,000 Leo's Corvettes,

5.mkapp7879 1Z8748S900009 1978 T-Top 350 220 3-Speed Auto 25 Beecher, Illinois

6.speedyg37 1Z87485903560 1978 T-Top 350 220 3-Speed Auto 57,100 Michigan

7.umpsam758 1Z874S901128XX 1978 T-Top 350 220 3-Speed Auto 24,800 Tipp City, OH USA

8. gliot1 1Z87L8S900328 1978 Coupe 350 195 3-Speed Auto 36,000 Lake In The Hills, IL

9. Steven's Toys 03996 1978 Coupe 350 220 3-Speed Auto 1,860 Cherry Valley, California

10. zeuss82 1Z8778S904335 1978 Coupe 350 240 3-Speed Auto 62,000 reno, nevada

11. Cilrah 1Z87L8S904851 1978 T-Top 350 185 HP 3-Speed Auto, Olympia, WA

12. PaceCar-Ron 1Z87L8S903245 1978 T-Top 350 185 HP 3-Speed  Auto 15,000 miles Powhatan,VA

you can go to the tools tab on top and click on c3 registry data to see these members and click on them. they are the current active members. Adam has stated this to add yours to the registry list."To add your Pace Car (or any other C3) to the C3VR Registry Database, go to "My C3 Registration" under the "My Account" menu. If you are a new member im me or email me that you joined and would like your 78 Pace Car added to this list. You have to add it to the c3vr registry first though.

cheers saluteflag


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