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Topic: 2020 Gathering T-Shirts - Order now!

2020 Gathering T-Shirts - Order now! (1/1)
 5/11/20 2:09pm
Adam WartellLifetime Member
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Here is what the 2020 Gathering T-Shirts look like.


Front / Back

If you would like to get one - you don't have to attend the Gathering to get one - here's how to do it:

  • YOU MUST PLACE YOUR ORDER BY September 15th!
    • To be sure the shirts are printed and delivered in time for the Gathering, there is a hard deadline for ordering.

  • If you will NOT be attending the gathering:
    • Your cost is $16.95 per shirt, plus a $0.49 online order fee, plus a shipping fee (starting at $4.99) based on the number of shirts you order.
    • Your order will be shipped directly to you and should arrive in October, prior to the start of the Gathering.
    • Make sure to select "SHIP TO MY ADDRESS" during checkout! (Or it will wind up in Texas and create quite a delay in your getting the shirt!)

  • If you WILL be attending the gathering,
    • Your cost is only $5 (I will be paying the difference in cost as my gift to you to thank you for attending!)
    • You will receive your shirt(s) at the Gathering.
    • To place your order, send me a Private Message  to let me know quantity and sizes.
    • You can then send your $5 per shirt payment via check:  
    • Make the check payable to "Vette Registries, LLC" and mail to "C3VR/Shirts, PO Box 202, Eagleville, PA 19408"  Specify your quantity and sizes with your check just to be double-sure that I have the order info correct!

Gathering Agenda

Gathering Hotel Info


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