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Topic: I think it's time to sell the car

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I think it's time to sell the car (1/3)
 11/25/22 4:41pm
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Newport, MI - USA

1980 L-48 still in the middle of a frame-off.

Joined: 6/9/2005
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It sucks to get old.  I am selling my 90% complete frame off resto-mod project 1980 corvette.

I am having too many medical issues to finish.  Bad back, 13 cardiac stents, multiple surgeries, and a heck of a lot more.  Sometimes you have to make big decisions and this is one of them.

Click here to see the complete listing in the for sale section.

Thanks    Dennis B.

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Corvettes and women are the same...You want to make love to them but they keep breaking down.
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Re: I think it's time to sell the car (2/3)
 11/25/22 4:21pm
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Grapevine, TX - USA

1972 LT-1 convertible with factory air.

Joined: 8/26/2006
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I feel for ya.

I'm thinking of selling my car too.


Re: I think it's time to sell the car (3/3)
 11/25/22 4:43pm
NorskyLifetime Member
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

SOLD - "The Toy" - '70 Convertible
SOLD - "The Beast" - '90 ZR-1 (#682)
"BLKBRRD" - '78 Trans Am, 400ci/220hp, 4 spd, Black w/black interior, Hurst t-tops

Joined: 1/23/2002
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Dang it...!!!  Sorry to hear you're having to part with your "baby" but can certainly understand.  Your health comes first.


Jim Olson 

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