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Topic: Memorial Madness Car Show

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Memorial Madness Car Show (1/2)
 5/21/13 11:20am
movie collectorLifetime Member
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Summerville, SC - USA

My 1974 Vette sold last August 2014. I am still willing to show up to events and local gatherings if anything happening No new vette yet.

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The show is this sunday 5/26/2013 at the M&M Mars Plant in Hackettstown, NJ. It is from 9am to 3pm.

You can find the show details on 

I enter my vette every year.

Hopefully I will see others there.

(inserted live link-aapple)

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Re: Memorial Madness Car Show (2/2)
 5/21/13 5:47am
DaveMLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Flanders, NJ - USA

1982 Black, ZZ4, Hooker Side Pipes, 3.55 Rear, Rebuilt & upgraded 700R4, All new suspension, brakes, & new Charcoal interior.

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I usually go to this but, can't make it this year. It's a great show, always lots of Vettes.



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Dave's '82


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